Damjan Cvetkov-Dimitrov

These photos are why I’m trapped in Tokyo forever now

“Tokyo, holy excrements from small undefined creatures! We’re there. First place we had on our list was Nakagin Tower.

Spending two whole days there, we finally learned the dread and discomfort of living in a capsule hotel. It was wonderful, apart from the occasional shakeup and earthquake panic you’d feel when your neighbour decides to move his capsule four floors up, at 5 AM. He was courteous enough to leave a box of chocolate with an apology to his neighbouring capsules.

Nakagin Tower is one of those rather rare examples of buildings where the exterior perfectly matches the interior. The compact minimalism you can observe from outside, permeates into the rooms and hallways creating a much fuller, more impactful experience. The sounds that the windows made when you adjusted them utterly surpassed any horrific sound in existence. Those blades had to be oiled often but tenants sometimes decided against that.”

Damjan Cvetkov-Dimitrov000

© Damjan Cvetkov-Dimitrov

Damjan Cvetkov-Dimitrov0

© Damjan Cvetkov-Dimitrov

Damjan Cvetkov-Dimitrov00

© Damjan Cvetkov-Dimitrov

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