Dsxyliea: A website that “demonstrates what it’s like to have dyslexia

What is it like to have dyslexia?

«Research suggests that about 17 percent of the population has dyslexia, a common language processing problem, yet it is still largely misunderstood. Common myths include: 1) dyslexia only affects boys, 2) dyslexia is a visual problem, 3) it’s something people grow out of, and 4) people who are dyslexic are not very smart—all of which are untrue.»

A site, created by Victor Widell, shows letters in a block of text “jumping around.” Trying to decipher the sentences is frustrating and makes you dizzy and want to close the page immediately, which is the whole point.

For people with dyslexia, it can be hard to explain to others what it feels like to struggle to read text. Dsxyliea is a JavaScript experiment that tries to replicate what it feels like, for some at least, to read a book or blog post.




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