Mikel Bastida

War Theatre

«During the last two years I have traveled across Western and Eastern Europe recreating the figure of a World War II photographer. I’ve covered several historical recreations where groups of re-enactors have performed different war episodes in both historical scenarios and fictitious battlefields.

This photographic series is a search for those fields that history has turned into literary landscapes. Scenarios made out of different representations of WWII – from films to vintage photographs – which turn into huge sets where recreation and simulation leaves exposed a collective imaginary.

The Photographic Naturalism, the definition of reality from behind the camera, does not allow fictitious characters but imaginary. Real figures transformed into the main character of a false epic representation. Archetypes of a story that has permeated our popular culture to the point of making reality interesting only when it is mystified by its representation.»

© Mikel Bastida

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