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24×36 – A Movie About Movie Posters


Bo Gehring :: Video portraits

In his video portraits, a person lies flat on a low table while a camera, mounted on a track, hangs above them. It begins recording just below their feet, pointing straight down, and steadily crawls up their body. As this goes on, music plays, something Gehring’s subject has chosen to hear. The speed of the camera’s pan is proportional to the length of the music and the subject’s height, so that the film ends with the camera’s view above the head, just as the music fades.

Esperanza Spalding, a portrait. By Bo Gehring, 2014

Spalding chose Wayne Shorter’s “Tarde” from the 1974 album Native Dancer to be part of her portrait.In the track, Shorter plays tenor saxophone, vocals are by Milton Nascimento, Herbie Hancock is on the electric piano, David Amaro is on guitar, David McDaniel plays bass, and Roberto Silva plays the drums. Spalding says this piece of music is important because, “Herbie, Wayne and Milton are part of me.”



We humans we create, we work, we stay busy from birth to death and never rest. We build, aim higher, work harder, accomplish more, and to what end? “Balance” takes an abstract look at our modern world, the full and the empty spaces and time in which we live and choose to make our lives.

BALANCE is a a collaborative film by Brandon Bray and Tim Sessler



Roadliners is a film about inspiration and craft, and the uncelebrated typographers of the road. With filmmakers Pretend Lovers we documented a day in the life of Glasgow roadliner Thomas ‘Tam’ Lilley.

While looking for inspiration for O Street’s new brand we stumbled on a typographer whose work was uniquely relevant to our company—one whose work embodied the values we hold dear: honesty, beauty, humility, and intelligence.

You’ve got to check out this video!